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Journal Article (Refereed)
May 2009

A Peat Profile Record of Recent Environmental Events in the South Pennines

Hutchinson, S M & Armitage, R 2009, 'A Peat Profile Record of Recent Environmental Events in the South Pennines', Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 199(1 - 4), pp.247-259.


This study investigates the impact of accidental fires and the record of recent environmental change held within a long peat core taken on Burbage Moor in the south Pennines (UK). The core has been subjected to mineral magnetic, heavy metal (via inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectroscopy) and radiometric analyses. It may be subdivided into three zones reflecting the infilling of a basin-like depression and reveals pre-industrial conditions and the impact of recent atmospheric particulate pollution. Peak concentrations of heavy metals are relatively high (e.g., peak Pb concentration is 1,124 mg kg−1). However, the mineral magnetic and heavy metal depth profiles may have been affected by post-depositional changes. The core has been influenced by drainage and a number of moor fires. The area was extensively burnt in 1976, though assessing the impact of this event is problematic, due to the perturbed nature of the profile and the inability to provide a reliable chronology.

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Journal Name
Water, Air and Soil Pollution

199(1 - 4)