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September 2009

Novel nonlinear surface and guided TE waves in asymmetric LHM waveguides

Boardman, A D & Egan, P 2009, 'Novel nonlinear surface and guided TE waves in asymmetric LHM waveguides', Journal of Optics A, 11(11), p.114032.




 Pioneering work on nonlinear guided waves related to our (earlier) highly cited [258 :  Web of Knowledge]trapped rainbow linear work. Presented at the first International Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Nano- Photonics in Germany, it has led to an invitation to write a book[,  John Wiley] on nonlinear metamaterials. Also a major feature of the 2010 SPIE San Diego Optics and Photonics Metamaterial meeting, for which Boardman is a co-Chair. The work has led to a plenary invitation by the14th International Conference on transparent Optical Networks, July 2-5, 2012,Coventry, UK, a IEEE sponsored conference, serving all of Europe.e.


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