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January 2010

Bright spatial solitons in metamaterials

Boardman, A D & Mitchell-Thomas, R C & King, N & Rapoport, Y 2010, 'Bright spatial solitons in metamaterials', Optics Communications, 283, pp.1585-1597.


Major impact outcomes are: invitation to co-Chair the Brussels SPIE Photonics Europe 2014[ contact: Alex Rusova,],  plenary at ICTON[], and the special honour called the Allan Boardman Nonlinear Waves Symposium, Paris[] at Meta 2012]. Additional major impacts: invitations to Chair other SPIE and IoP events, including the annual SPIE Optics and Photonics meeting in San Diego, which is the largest meeting of its kind in the USA.It should be emphasised that our metamaterial work is strongly enhanced by the highly cited [258 given by Web of Knowledge]joint Salford  slightly earlier work on trapped rainbows


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Optics Communications