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April 2001

Experience with mural in formalising Dust-Expert

Vadera, S & Meziane, F & Mei-Ling, H 2001, 'Experience with mural in formalising Dust-Expert', INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY 2001, 43(4), pp.231-240.


The mural system was an outcome of a significant effort to develop a support tool for the effective use of a full formal methods development cycle. Experience with it, however, has been limited to a small number of illustrative examples that have been carried out by those closely associated with its development and implementation. This paper aims to remedy this situation by describing the experience of using mural for specifying Dust-Expert, an expert system fdr the relief venting of dust explosions in chemical processes. The paper begins by summarising the main requirements for Dust-Expert, and then gives a flavour of the VDM specification that was formalised using mural. The experience of using mural is described with respect to users' expectations that a formal methods tool should: (i) spot any inconsistencies; (ii) help manage and organise the specifications and allow one to easily add, access, update and delete specifications; (iii) help manage and carry out the refinement process; (iv) help manage and organise theories; (v) help manage and carry out proofs. The paper concludes by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of mural that could be of interest to those developing the next generation of formal methods development tools. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


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