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January 2010

The SURF-ARUP Framework for Urban Infrastructural Development. No:2

May, T & Marvin, S & Hodson, M & Perry, B 2010, The SURF-ARUP Framework for Urban Infrastructural Development. No:2, (SURF Pamphlet Series), SURF Centre, University of Salford, Manchester, UK.


SURF Pamphlets

2010 heralds the 10th Anniversary of the Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures at the University of Salford. To mark this occasion and our continued commitment to knowledge exchange, we are producing a series of pamphlets around knowledge, innovation, cities and climate change over the next year.

The first of these pamphlets is entitled ‘Active Intermediaries for Effective Knowledge Exchange: Populating the ‘Missing Middle’. The pamphlet draws on extensive research and consultancy at city, regional, national and international levels to explore how the ‘missing middle’ in knowledge exchange can be addressed through the development of what we have termed ‘active intermediaries’. Active intermediaries seek to have a transformative effect on knowledge, providing intelligence in context, rather than simply channeling more and more information into organizations.

The second pamphlet has been designed to disseminate the SURF-Arup Framework for Urban Infrastructural Development. Drawing on an ESRC-Business Placement in Arup and SURF’s work on urban transitions and low carbon urban futures , the pamphlet outlines a 5-step framework that directly informs how effective transitions in urban infrastructure can be achieved. It identifies the strategic issues and practical steps involved in developing more integrated approaches to infrastructure in different cities.

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SURF Pamphlet Series

SURF Centre, University of Salford
Manchester, UK