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January 2011

A spacetime cloak, or a history editor

McCall, M W & Favaro, A & Kinsler, P & Boardman, A D 2011, 'A spacetime cloak, or a history editor ', Journal of Optics, 13(2), p.024003.


Third in the list cited as []. The exciting idea that events, not just objects, can be cloaked was drafted by Prof. McCall of Imperial College, but  expressed in abstract mathematical language. McCall approached Prof. Boardman to assist in clarifying the interpretation of this beautiful idea, so that it  could be made more widely accessible. Boardman’s  bottom-line physical approach resulted in a complete redrafting of the work, using a standard form of Maxwell’s equations. The resulting paper initiated the first experimental demonstration by Alex Gaeta at Cornell, USA[Nature, 2012; 481 (7379)].


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