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August 2011

The future of children's nursing research: development, drudgery or demise?

Long, T 2011, 'The future of children's nursing research: development, drudgery or demise? ', British Nursing Journal, 20(14), pp.728-842.


This paper, based on a presentation to the UK Association of Chief Children’s Nurses, is the author’s personal reflection on the nature and future of children’s nursing research. Key constitutive elements of

this concept are considered to arrive at the conclusion that children’s nursing research is research undertaken by children’s nurses into questions of relevance to children’s nursing practice and services, or wider issues in which children’s nursing has a vital role. Three possible futures are presented, of which only the last is positive and desirable: development in line with the reality of practice and population needs. An integrated approach is necessary, with responsibilities both for those in positions of authority in the service and for researchers themselves. In particular, this partnership is essential for children’s nursing to evidence the impact of research and for children and young people to reap the greatest benefit from evidence-based practice.


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British Nursing Journal