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Journal Article (Refereed)
January 2003

A systematic review of methods of measuring posture

Tyson, S 2003, 'A systematic review of methods of measuring posture ', -Physical Therapy Reviews .


The restoration of normal posture is an important aspect of stroke physiotherapy, because normal activity is thought essential for effective function. However there is little evidence to support (or refute) this belief. To test this , suitable measurement tools are needed. They need to reliable, valid, sensitive, suitable for all settings and for a wide range of stroke severity. A systematic review of methods to measure posture was undertaken to identify suitable measurement tools. Cinahl, Medline and Embase databases were searched for measurement tools which measured posture and could be used in clinical settings with stroke patients. Four groups of tools were identified: ordinal scales; goniometry; devices to measure the distance between bony points and miscellaneous others. All had some information about their psychometric properties but few had been rigorously tested. None fulfilled all the assessment criteria. Therefore future studies will attempt to devise a measurement tool which does meet all the criteria.




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-Physical Therapy Reviews