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Journal Article (Refereed)
February 2002

Research in Nurse Education Today: do we meet our aims and scope?

Long, T & Johnson, M 2002, 'Research in Nurse Education Today: do we meet our aims and scope?', Nurse Education Today, 22(1), pp.85-93.


All issues of Nurse Education Today between January 1996 and July 2001 were examined manually and categorized as 'research' or other forms of scholarship. A total of 356 articles were reviewed and 193 of these were considered to be some form of research. The prevalence of well known methods of data collection was noted and broad trends identified. Questionnaires, reflective diaries, Delphi surveys, focus groups and individual interviews formed the backbone of methods used in educational research. There was a marked absence of experimental work. Proportionally more UK based papers avoided inferential analysis than those from overseas. We show that 'research' in Nurse Education Today has become rather narrow. It rarely incorporates 'user' (client/patient) perspectives, and rarely (especially in the UK) uses more than one site for study. More papers which undertake comparison of nurse education between countries, which employ samples from more than one country, and which address the impact of findings from an international perspective should be sought in order to enhance this aspect of the diversity of the journal. (C) 2002 Harcourt Publishers Ltd.



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Nurse Education Today