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November 2012

Salford Type Foundry

Isherwood, T 2012, 'Salford Type Foundry', exhibited at: 52 Princess Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, from 22/11/2012 to 03/02/2013.


Salford Type Foundry

Salford Type Foundry was initially conceived as an outlet for the typographic developments of the students on the BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme at the University of Salford.

Typography plays an important, but often invisible, role in all our lives, so as students of graphic design it is vitally important, whichever of our three pathways you are on, Communication Design, Illustration or Motion & Interactivity, that you experience and study typography in relative detail. A part of this study is the opportunity to develop typefaces, initially constructing those twenty-six shapes that define our language, moving through numerals, considering upper and lowercases, punctuation, ligatures, bold, italic etc.

Having constructed independent projects, and as workshops within modules, that ask the students, of all levels, to engage specifically in experimental type design, it became apparent that these fonts, after careful and often painstaking manufacture, did not have a voice and where often unused, left to languish in sketchbooks or on hard-drives. The need to provide a platform for these creations was evident.

After collecting typographic submissions from our students we had a large database from which we could begin the project. It was important that the project involved students at its core, so we openly invited interested participants to help us shape and mold the proposal. Our first meeting drew a large crowd of 50 or so students that gradually narrowed to a smaller nucleus dedicated to bringing the exercise to its initial conclusion, that of launching a typographic foundry or repository dedica

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52 Princess Street

Manchester, United Kingdom

From 22/11/2012 to 03/02/2013.