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January 2014

Drivers of and barriers to urban energy in the UK: a Delphi survey

Sherriff, G 2014, 'Drivers of and barriers to urban energy in the UK: a Delphi survey', Local Environment, 19(5).


A survey of energy activity in urban areas in the UK was carried out in 2012 with the aim of better understanding the range of activity in this field and of aiding decision-making to facilitate the roll out of a more decentralised approach. Adopting a sociotechnical approach, urban energy was understood not simply as the decentralisation of generation, but also as efforts to promote ways of living and working that contribute towards lower energy consumption. A Delphi approach consisting of a two-stage iterative web-based survey received responses across the public, private and third sectors. Indicative findings suggest a wealth of drivers for urban energy and different “driver profiles” for the sectors, and therefore the need for flexible policy approaches. The survey builds on research that highlights pervasive barriers to progress in this field and, therefore, to the importance of developing solutions that enable urban energy to make a more significant contribution to the UK energy budget.


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Local Environment