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June 2013

Psychometric testing of the Evaluation of Daily Activity Questionnaire in Osteoarthritis

Hammond, A & Greenhill, Y & Tyson, S & Tennant, A 2013, 'Psychometric testing of the Evaluation of Daily Activity Questionnaire in Osteoarthritis', British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 76(Suppl 1), p.68.


The Swedish Evaluation of Daily Activity Questionnaire (EDAQ) measures activity limitation (Nordenskiold et al, 1996). We previously revised and tested this in RA in the UK. It includes 14 domains (Eating/ Drinking; Personal Care; Dressing; Bathing; Cooking; Moving Indoors; House Cleaning; Laundry; Moving/ Transfers; Moving Outdoors; Communication; Gardening/Household Maintenance; Caring; and Leisure), each split in two sections: A scores how activities are performed without aids, alternate methods or help; and B how performed with aids or alternate methods. Items are scored on a 0-3 scale (no difficulty to unable). We are now testing validity and reliability in OA. Method: People with OA from 18 Rheumatology clinics completed questionnaires: demographic items, UK-EDAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire, SF36v2 Physical Function (PF), arthritis severity, pain and fatigue scales. Correlations assessed validity of the 14 EDAQ domains with these. Cronbach’s á evaluated internal consistency. Results: 60 women and 13 men took part: age = 64.51y (SD 10.62); OA duration =10.83y (SD 9.89); multiple joint OA: hand (55); knee (33); hip (29); with moderate pain (6.07 (SD 2.30) and fatigue (5.04 (SD 3.11). Caring domain analysis was not possible as few considered it applicable. EDAQ domains correlated significantly (p<0.001) with: SF36PF r= -0.34 to -0.81 (apart from Eating, Personal Care, Communication: p =0.01); HAQ: r = 0.57- 0.89; Arthritis Severity: rs=0.41-0.68. Internal consistency was high: Cronbach’s alpha= 0.88-0.94. Conclusions: These preliminary results indicate the UK-EDAQ is a valid and reliable measure of daily activity in OA for use in practice and research. Full psychometric testing (n=150) is in progress.


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British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 76(Suppl 1), p.68.