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January 2015

Matter Mattering: Intra-activity in Live Media Performance

Scott, J 2015, 'Matter Mattering: Intra-activity in Live Media Performance', Body Space Technology, 14.


This paper engages with Karen Barad's (2007) notion of 'intra-activity' to argue for a discrete understanding of live media performance work. Its distinctive nature emerges through what Barad calls 'intra-actions', or 'the mutual constitution of entangled agencies' (2007: 33). In live media practice, the nature of such intra-actions is exposed, with the onstage 'apparatus' an intrinsic part of the 'ongoing reconfigurings' of the live media event (Barad, 2003: 818). In the 'lively' space generated through such events, matter is always in the process of 'mattering' (2003: 817).



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Body Space Technology