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January 2015

The Multi-level Governance of Science Policy in England - selected reading

Perry, B 2015 'The Multi-level Governance of Science Policy in England - selected reading', in: Multi-level Governance: Essential Readings, Edward Elgar, London, UK.


The term 'multi-level governance' (MLG) has emerged from its origins in EU studies in the early 1990s to become a commonly used description of politics and policy-making in a range of settings. This collection brings together seminal papers covering three waves of MLG scholarship; the first wave focuses largely on debates around Europe and the regions; the second on the nature and impact of MLG in wider settings (local, national and global) and the implications for accountability; and the third discusses MLG of different types and in new terrains (geographical or policy). Along with an original introduction by the editors, these timely volumes will be a valuable tool for scholars, researchers, practitioners and students interested in the field.


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Multi-level Governance: Essential Readings

Edward Elgar
London, UK.

978 1 78347 978 8.