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September 2015

Social media: A psychology postgraduate¿s reflection

Peach, D & Erskine-Shaw, M 2015 'Social media: A psychology postgraduate¿s reflection', in: A Guide for Psychology Postgraduates: Surviving Postgraduate Study, British Psychological Society, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, pp.81-84.


There is a virtual world full of real benefits for postgraduate psychology students. Social media provides an infrastructure that can be utilised to support your research, to help develop your professional profile and to communicate research findings with the public. Making the most of these opportunities often requires time, knowledge and persistence. Luckily, for us, our journey into the digital foray has the benefit of the experiences of others, who have already explored some of the obstacles. The use of social media in a professional setting is becoming widely recognised as a supportive platform to share, connect and develop research practice. However, some in the Psychology/Research field deem not all aspects of social media beneficial (Research Information Network (RIN), 2011). There are many issues, which as professionals we need to be mindful of when engaging in various online social platforms. This article will reflect on the use of social media upon creating a ‘digital presence’ and carrying out research.


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Marianne Erskine-Shaw

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A Guide for Psychology Postgraduates: Surviving Postgraduate Study


British Psychological Society
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.