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April 2017

Staying in work in the UK: Results of a pilot multi-centred RCT using the WES-RC.

Prior, Y 2017, 'Staying in work in the UK: Results of a pilot multi-centred RCT using the WES-RC. ', Rheumatology .


Work instability, a mismatch between a person’s abilities and their job demands, and work disability, ceasing to work before retirement due to ill health, are high amongst people with inflammatory arthritis (IA). Work instability results in reduced productivity at work (presenteeism) and if unresolved, places individuals at an increased risk of work disability. These can both have major socio-economic and health consequences, both for the individual and the society as a whole. Once people are work disabled they are unlikely to return to work, therefore preventative strategies to help people stay in work may be a more effective approach than targeting return to work interventions in health and social care. Vocational rehabilitation (VR) is a process to overcome barriers to remaining in work and occupational therapists are best placed to provide VR due to their inherent skills in task analysis, dual training in psychological and physiological rehabilitation, understanding of environmental barriers and facilitators, and person-centred, biopsychosocial approach to treatment. This presentation will discuss the results of a feasibility Randomised Clinical Trial evaluating job retention VR for employed people with inflammatory arthritis, provided by Rheumatology occupational therapists in the UK. Implications for future research and clinical practice will be considered.


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Rheumatology .