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January 2008

Evaluating Trust in Electronic Commerce: A Study Based on the Information Provided on Merchants Websites

Meziane, F & Kasiran, M 2008, 'Evaluating Trust in Electronic Commerce: A Study Based on the Information Provided on Merchants Websites', Journal of the Operational Research Society, 59(59), pp.464-472.


Lack of trust has been identified as a major problem hampering the growth of Electronic Commerce (EC). It is reported by many studies that a large number of online shoppers abandon their transactions because they do not trust the website when they are asked to provide personal information. To support trust, we developed an information framework model based on research on EC trust. The model is based on the information a consumer expects to find on an EC website and that is shown from the literature to increase his/her trust towards online merchants. An information extraction system is then developed to help users to find this information. In this paper, we present the development of the information extraction system and its evaluation. This is then followed by a study looking at the use of the identified variables on a sample of EC websites.


Trust has been identified as one of the main factor in user engagement in E-Commerce transactions. There was many works in defining and identifying trust. However, this work was the first in attempting to quantify trust and help user in the decision making of engaging or not engaging in unknown business websites. The work has been published in many conferences before the journal version. There were over 50 citations in the early publications related to this work. This specific paper has been cited 17 times. The use of Fuzzy Logic to evaluate trust has been acknowledged to be very appropriate. 


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